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March 12, 2009

The restless syndrome has struck again. My blog is back on Blogspot. So, just click HERE and it will take to my old blog. I repeat. The Profound Brunette is now back on Blogspot.


I got to dance with Justin Timberlake

March 12, 2009

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The Secret of the Alabaster Box

March 7, 2009

In the days Jesus was on earth, when a young woman reached the age of availability for marriage, her family would purchase an alabaster box for her and fill it with precious ointment. The size of the box and the value of the ointment would parallel her family’s wealth. This alabaster box would be part of her dowry. When a young man came to ask for her in marriage, she would respond by taking the alabaster box and breaking it at his feet. This gesture of anointing his feet showed him honor.

One day, when Jesus was eating in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came in and broke an alabaster box and poured the valuable ointment on Jesus’ head (see Mk. 14:3-9). The passage in Luke 7 that refers to this event harshly describes the woman as “a woman in the city who was a sinner” (Lk. 7:37). This woman found Jesus worthy of such sacrifice and honor. In fact, Jesus memorialized her gesture in Matthew 26:13 (see also Mk. 14:9). This gesture had such meaning, for not only did she anoint Jesus for burial, she also gave her all to a heavenly Bridegroom. Yes, she was a sinner (who isn’t according to Romans 3:23?), but this sinner had dreams and wisely broke her alabaster box in the presence of the only One who can make a woman’s dreams come true.

What is in your alabaster box? Is your box full of fantasies that began as a little girl while you listened to and watched fairy tales about an enchanting couple living happily ever after? Have you been holding on tightly to your alabaster box of dreams, frantically searching for a man worthy of breaking your box? Take your alabaster box to Jesus and break it in His presence, for He is worthy of such honor. Having responded to your heavenly Bridegroom in such a manner, you can wait with confident assurance that, if it be God’s will, He will provide you with an earthly bridegroom.

How do you know if you have broken your alabaster box at the feet of Jesus? Such a decision will be reflected in reckless abandonment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. When the Lord gives you a difficult assignment, such as another dateless month, you receive His terms without resentment. Your attitude will reflect Mary’s response to the angel when she, as a single woman, was given a most difficult assignment. Mary said, “I belong to the Lord, body and soul...let it happen as you say…” (Lk. 1:38 Phillips). Take your alabaster box, with your body, soul, and dreams, and entrust them to Jesus. When He is your Lodr, you can joyfully walk in the path of life that He has for you.

Excerpt from Lady in Waiting

by Debby Jones & Jackie Kendall
Bold and italics added by me.

Another Plea

March 2, 2009

Children’s Hospital of Seattle is ranked as one of the best children’s hospitals in the country. It serves as the pediatric referral center for Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. Children’s means a lot to the families who are sent there for their child’s most critical needs. They form bonds with other families who are in the same unit and develop close relationships with the staff that serve them. Children’s is able to fulfill their mission of preventing, treating and eliminating pediatric disease through the support of the community.

I have the pleasure of being a part of that community in raising funds to help support this organization that cares for our area’s youngest who need critical care.
Would you be willing to join me? On April 17th and 18th, I will be participating in a benefit to raise money for Children’s Hospital, hosted by Treasury of Memories. This event involves each candidate to raise $100. 100% of this will go directly towards Children’s.

Most of you know that I work with children and through the years of being around these kiddos, I am a huge advocate for the health and safety of our youngest and I personally know several families who have received the excellent care that Children’s Hospital has provided! At this point in time, all I need to raise is $80. Such a small number to do such extraordinary things in the life of a child. I know times are tight right now but just think, if I got 8 people to donate $10, it’s done. We did it.

As far as the details of the benefit are concerned, 100’s of ladies will be taking 20 hours out of their weekend to “crop” for kids. Crop is simply a silly word to describe paper crafting. So not only do we get to do something that we absolutely love to do, we are also giving towards something GREATER. We are possibly assisting these amazing medical professionals by saving the life of a child. By providing help and support to families going through grief. Awesome.

So…. if you feel so led, please let me know if you would like to support this organization through a small donation. And there is absolutely no pressure! This is just something I am passionate about and I understand if you are helping with something else that you are passionate about.

***Update… I just need $60! Thank you!!****

Email me or leave a comment to find out how you can help.


Exciting News

February 15, 2009

imgHave you always wanted to support great organizations that benefit the health and well-being of children in our community?  Perhaps such fabulous services like Children’s Hospital of Seattle and, more locally, the SISU Children’s Fund.  Well, I have GREAT news!

You CAN help these two amazing organizations!  I am excited because I have signed up for the 20-Hour benefit Crop, hosted by Treasury of Memories, again this year.  A crop is simply a time set aside by those who love to scrapbook to create and socialize.  For 20 hours I will get to spend time with old and new friends while catching up on all my scrapbooking projects, card projects and other things while supporting one of two of the organizations listed above.  Last year, I decided to use my money for the SISU Foundation.  This year, I will be supporting Children’s Hospital.  Each participant of the crop is asked to raise $100.  At the time of this post, I have just $80 to go.  100% of this donation will go directly to Children’s Hospital!

Maybe you don’t scrapbook, or have no idea how to glue two pieces of paper together but you definitely want to support what Children’s Hospital is doing in the lives of children and their families.  Well here is a chance for you to do that!   Contact me through a comment or email to find how you can support! (I attempted a donation button through paypal but for some reason it isn’t working here.)

Mommy’s Too Old

February 14, 2009

As I was waiting in Midas the other day I was browsing this Canadian magazine and found this article.  Can I just say, AMEN!  She obviously excells in putting her views into words much better than I do!  Take a look.

The Thrill of Damaging?

February 11, 2009

It’s happened to me twice now and it’s been, maybe, a span of a couple months.  Hooligans out to try to damage something specifically vehicles.  Do they get a thrill of putting others in danger?  Nothing better to do?  The first incident was some teenager with his buddy, who was obviously pretending he couldn’t see what his friend was doing, walking across an overpass waiting for an opportunity to drop a huge stick onto the freeway.  Of course, he aimed for my car and, thank you LORD, missed!  That would have been catastrophic.  Good thing I stared at them and knew exactly what he was wearing, where he was walking, the approximate age, etc. because he would have been found and paid for the damage.

The second incident just happened now on my way home.  Driving down a neighborhood road, a 7 year old boy was taking aim at the next car, which happened to be mine, with a rather large rock.  That if he had had the strength, would have caused severe damage to my car.  Thankfully, his aim was bad and he wasn’t strong enough.  It missed my back tire.  I don’t think the boy was planning on what was about to happen though.  I immediately slammed on my breaks, looked in my mirror for other cars, put it in reverse and had a little chat.  Scared the crap out of the kid.  Hope he makes a good choice next time!

Ugh…  silly kids!  I think I tried some things as a child but never so in your face.  Usually it was sneaky enough so noone would know where I was, who I was and more then not… it didn’t involve a moving vehicle or someone’s life!!!  Geez louise people…. give your kids something constructive to do!  Don’t shelter them.  Allow them to get their aggression out in a safe way.  Let them wrestle with their friends or explore in the woods.  With boundaries and common sense of course but come ON!   I don’t entirely blame the parents though.  Some motivation for kids to misbehave comes from their peers and television and no matter how much parents try to shelter or model good behavior, some kids will still act out.

For now, I just have to thank the Lord that my car missed that stick and the rock and hopefully those kids will learn a good lesson someday and that nobody gets killed.

Life now and looking forward

February 7, 2009

I’ve always been one who looks forward to what the future holds. At times this has caused me to overlook the blessings I have right now. I’m so busy focusing on what could happen and what will be different down the road.  This isn’t always a bad thing.  Vision is wonderful to have and it keeps me motivated.   God gives me vision and desire to carry out that vision but He also reminds me to enjoy today.  To stop and look around me right this second and ponder the goodness of what He is doing with me now.  Sometimes with me thinking of the future, it also has me worry about tomorrow.  What will happen if ___? or Will this happen by ___?  “So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34 ISV)

Ain’t that the truth!  As I realize there are several things in life I’m looking forward to, I’m also so happy to reflect on where I’m at right now.  I have a full-time job that I love.  I have amazing friends both old and new.  I love where I live, Bellingham Washington, the most beautiful place on the U.S.  I enjoy the roommates I have and am so grateful at how well we live together.  I LOVE my bedroom.  It’s huge, private and cozy.  It’s MY retreat.  I’m thankful for only having two clients for my business right now.  It’s nice to start off slow and fine tune things.  My refrigerator and cupboard are full.  I have all the necessities for taking care of myself.  (I’m a few pounds lighter!) What??? How did that happen???? 🙂  I’m actually content today being single.  I get Jesus all to myself and get to go where I want, when I want and it’s only my schedule to work around.  All my bills are paid.  And I have a full tank of gas.  And the sun is shining.

That is all.

Holy crap

February 1, 2009


January 31, 2009

I have all these opportunities sitting right in front of me and yet no motivation to act through.  What’s the deal?  Feeling a little sluggish lately and I’m not sure why.  Not sad.  Don’t have the blues.  Maybe I’m just lazy? Get distracted easily?  Definitely get distracted easily.